Friday, February 17, 2012

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions
. (dot) Any single character except newline
* zero or more occurances of any character
[...]        Any single character specified in the set
[^...]        Any single character not specified in the set
^ Anchor - beginning of the line
$ Anchor - end of line
\< Anchor - begining of word
\> Anchor - end of word
\(...\)  Grouping - usually used to group conditions
\n Contents of nth grouping

[...]         Set Examples
[A-Z] The SET from Capital A to Capital Z
[a-z]   The SET from lowercase a to lowercase z
[0-9]         The SET from 0 to 9 (All numerals)
[./=+] The SET containing . (dot), / (slash), =, and +
[-A-F] The SET from Capital A to Capital F and the dash (dashes must be specified first)
[0-9 A-Z] The SET containing all capital letters and digits and a space
[A-Z][a-zA-Z] In the first position, the SET from Capital A to Capital Z

Regular Expression Examples
/Hello/ Matches if the line contains the value Hello
/^TEST$/   Matches if the line contains TEST by itself
/^[a-zA-Z]/ Matches if the line starts with any letter
^.*SET.*$  Select whole line which start with "SET"
/^[a-z].*/    Matches if the first character of the line is a-z and there is at least one more of any character 
"^.* as " select a phase from beginning up to as word. Can be used to replace "xxxx as c_q6" as "c_q6"

following it
/2134$/ Matches if line ends with 2134
/\(21|35\)/   Matches is the line contains 21 or 35
/[0-9]*/         Matches if there are zero or more numbers in the line
/^[^#]/        Matches if the first character is not a # in the line
\r\n[^\r\nO]  Matches the lines start with \r\n in previous line but not start with O

1. Regular expressions are case sensitive
2. Regular expressions are to be used where pattern is specified

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