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Download Unix variations (derivatives)

Download Unix variations (derivatives)
Free derivatives of Unix can be easily downloaded via the Internet.The different versions of Unix and Unix-like operating systems available for download include FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Red Hat Fedora Linux, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and Sun Solaris.
You can still try these operating systems by using virtual machines, without worrying about your existing data or OS being affected. You can install your preferred version of Unix inside the virtual machine to get a separate “computer” running inside your existing OS. These virtual machines can be set up using software such as Sun Microsystems’ VirtualBox, which is available as a free download.
Download FreeBSD Unix
The FreeBSD operating system is meant for use on the following architectures:
1.       x86 machines, with Pentium or Athlon cores
2.       AMD64 compatible machines, which include Athlon 64, Opteron and EM64T
3.       Alpha/AXP
4.       IA-64, PC-98
5.       UltraSPARC
FreeBSD is an offshoot of BSD, the version of UNIX which was developed at the University of California, Berkeley.

Download OpenBSD Unix
A free, multiplatform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like system is developed by the OpenBSD project. This system has the benefits of portability, standardization and integrated cryptography among key features. Binary emulation of programs from SVR4 (Solaris), FreeBSD, SunOS, Linux, BSD/OS and HP-UX is possible with OpenBSD Unix.
Download Solaris Unix
The Solaris OS exhibits good scalability, performance, and security on SPARC, Opteron, AMD and Intel Xeon-based systems. The latest version of the Solaris Unix has used exceptional technologies for facilitating robust computing infrastructures. The Solaris operating system integrates many popular open source applications, including Apache, Tomcat and Secure Shell. Open source packages are available on this platform, with the result that time needed for porting is cut down.
Download Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu is good for laptops, desktops and servers and contains all the essential programs that you may require, from word processors to compilers for various programming languages. Users interested in Ubuntu can download, use and share Ubuntu with friends or associates free of cost.
Download Fedora Linux
The Fedora Project builds versions of a general purpose operating system made exclusively from free software. Fedora Linux is quite popular among open source software development enthusiasts.
Download Debian Linux
Debian uses the Linux kernel and many of its basic tools are derived from the GNU project. Debian GNU/Linux has more than 8710 packages and precompiled software bundled conveniently for easy installation.
Download Gentoo Linux
Gentoo Linux can be quickly and easily customized by end users. Among the highlights of the Gentoo Linux experience are the easy configurability and good performance. Also, ample developer support is available via the communities.Gentoo is called a metadistribution by many users because of its easy adaptability.
Download Slackware Linux
Slackware Linux is a UNIX-like system. It contains an easy to use installation program, extensive online documentation, and a menu-driven package system. A complete installation of Slackware allows you the X Window System, C/C++ development environments, an ftp server, the GNU Image Manipulation Program and Netscape Communicator among other key features.
Download Mandriva Linux
Mandriva Linux attempts to turn the regular Linux into a more user-friendly operating system. Mandriva Linux is easy-to-use and innovative. This is manifest in the numerous awards Mandriva has received.
Download openSUSE Linux
The openSUSE project is a community program which is sponsored by Novell. The openSUSE system is the most user-friendly of all the versions of Linux.This system is excellent for both developers and casual users to feel a great Linux experience.

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